characteristics of casual dining restaurants

Characteristics of casual dining restaurants? Does it seem a little out of context to you? So, let’s first discuss the concept of casual dining before going to the characteristics of casual dining restaurants. Simply put, casual dining is where one can chill with friends, host parties and enjoy great food at affordable rates. It is the opposite of fine dining restaurants in almost every sense.

Following are the defining characteristics of casual dining restaurants.

  1. Youngsters form the major chunk of the customers

Most of the casual dining restaurants treat youngsters as their target customers. That is why most of them are found to be located near youth attraction spots like inside a mall, near colleges, cyber cafes,etc. Also, this why they are open for a longer time span compared to fine dining restaurants.

  1. Open almost all day since majority of them are youth centric

Since casual dining restaurants majorly thrive on business from youngsters, their business hours are longer than fine dining restaurants. The youngsters unlike the wealthy target customers of fine dining restaurants, don’t follow defined dining times. Besides it gives the youngsters a great hangout spot.

  1. Less stringent rules & regulations

Most of the casual dining restaurants are lenient and don’t enforce a dress code on their visitors. Also, where fine dining restaurants expect hush hush & personal conversations from their guests, its considered alright to little noisy birthday celebrations or cheering.

  1. Pricing is youth centric & high seating availability

Not only is the menu majorly youth oriented in this case, but the pricing is expected to be moderate too. Also there’s more seating availability at a casual dining restaurant compared to a fine dining restaurant. Also table reservations isn’t a norm at casual dining restaurants unlike fine dining restaurants where its a necessity.