People often easily forget that salary is not the only cost associated with an employee. An employer should consider crucial expenses associated with hiring new staff such as money linked to the new staff recruitment process, training process, cost of other benefits such as providing staff quarters, or accommodation etc. Some hoteliers desire waiters with exceptional and charming soft skills, and also behavioural skills which are often too difficult to find in newbies without much experience.

Especially in hospitality industry, employers constantly deal with changing staff due to various reasons. So it takes investment of time as well money when it comes to trusting new staff. One needs to monitor the work of the new staff for several weeks before he can safely assign crucial roles or responsibilities to new staff to make the place work smoothly.

3. Some customers actually connect with some good staff so this is a big reason to retain your staff

Over a span of time, a few regular customers start developing liking for various things associated with your hotel or restaurant, which includes specific dining table in specific corner of the restaurant, or specific dishes by a specific chef, or only a specific waiter to wait on their table. You don’t wanna lose business from old customers even if they come with such specific demands. So in this way the staff in a way starts becoming a valuable asset to your restaurant.

4. Giving some targets helps him stay focused, and greed of position and salary hike motivates him to achieve the desired goals

Everybody enjoys being given importance at their workplace. It makes them feel valued for their work as it helps serve their ego. Giving targets, roles and responsibilities makes them realise their importance to the business and in turn motivates them to do better. Also timely appraisals and increments keeps their work-life spirit refreshed and in the long term keeps them emotionally attached to the workplace.

5. Give extra crucial responsibility to show that you trust in them & show that there’s chance of positional growth

For the long term retainment of any valuable employee, give him opportunities to prove his worth to the organization and appreciate him for the same with promotions and increments on his winnings. Also make them realise that there’s so much scope for growth and so much more to achieve in terms of positions.

A poor management system is the most vital reason why majority of the hotel staff quit their jobs sooner than intended. Inconsiderate treatment of staff’s problems from manager’s end or blame it on the internal politics played by a few strongly opinionated members on the worker’s end by forming a group of rebels to exploit the management to fulfil arbitrary or whimsical demands. Additionally due to the odd work timings of the hotel industry, unavailability of managers at the right place and right time to tackle hotel staff’s grievances is also a big reason why the hotel workers stay unhappy and are constantly looking for reasons to quit their new jobs. Generally it is observed that there’s a huge communication gap between the management and the workers which drives the workers to shy away from communicating their problems to the managers. Reasons for quitting, call it petty or vital, range from the workplace being considered too far from home,  improper food treatments for the staff, irregular salary periods, unavailability of accommodation for workers, etc.