While you may enjoy a good or average business by the end of the peak season, there are good chances that your offseason business goes very unfruitful. It may so happen that your dollars end up being dependent upon factors like weather, or perhaps other huge tourist attraction activities like skiing,boat races,etc which is pretty much enjoyed seasonally only. One effective tip to improve your offseason business is offering heavy discounts which will in turn help you to build and grow your customer database.

Tourist come from different parts of the world with varied cultural habits including tastes, food habits, dining habits, etc. It is established fact that its not easy to please all. Though most of the tourists like to try out local delicacies for some or all the days of their visit, it commonly happens that if they are not happy with the local food, they demand taste/flavours or dishes from their own origin too at the tourist location. Especially in India with such a varied cultures, its an additional burden for the hoteliers to make arrangement for dishes representing all parts of the country for the tourists at that single location. To make sure your customers have a fine dining experience, try incorporating dishes in the menu with both local and international flavours(depending on the origin that most of your target customers come from).

Laws and policies differ from country to country, state to state, city to city. For eg. some places have  a quota system when it comes to hiring foreign employees. Many a times hotels are forced to hire localites even if they aren’t as skilled as the foreign ones who can work for a comparatively cheaper amount. People interested in setting up hotels at tourist places will have to do a thorough research regarding varied tax structures, licensing policies at different location to spot the most feasible one that will work for them. Eg. of other factors that can affect your business in tourist spots are riots, water scarcity, etc. Make a thorough research on various state laws and policies and choose the one that best describes your needs.

Almost all tourists seek to enjoy non-crowded tourist attractions or come seeking for some quiet. Assuring the customer of this could get taxing for the hotels as usually tons of small independent or well established hotel chains are set up close by to keep a minimum possible distance from the most popular tourist spots. Try finding a spot with a little less of the local crowd or simply crowd in general, or quite spots far from cities.

Its very important that your hotel is set up close to popular tourist locations as tourists prefer staying near a subway or a easy public transport station, to reduce travel time and make most of their time during the visit. Its important to balance scenic pleasure with travel convenience. Its very important that your hotel offers convenient travelling options to the guests who come to visit the tourist spots.

Its an established fact that foreigners mostly love to visit popular tourist places in any country. Thus providing hoteliers and restaurant owners an opportunity to make a major chunk of money through international customers . In some countries foreigners are more than happy to pay the higher fees demanded of them because they’re still lower than the prices for comparable tourist experiences in the other countries.