Stop Kitchen Thefts in Hotels – Be the Kitchen-Sherlock

Kitchen thefts in hotels is a more common problem than you may think. In smaller cases, it just lowers profits. But in the extreme cases, it becomes a major reason for the collapse of a business.

So, what are the things that are commonly stolen from hotel kitchens? They are mostly food, alcohol, supplies, equipment and cash. 80% of  kitchen thefts in hotels include these items. So, here is the next question. Who are the thieves? They are unfortunately the hotel employees in most of the cases. These are the people who like to help themselves with a few servings of food. Or they can be the dissatisfied and underpaid employees. In other cases, guests or burglars are the ones to be blamed for kitchen thefts in hotels.

Hence it is important for all hotel owners to become Kitchen-Sherlock. The following tips will help your powers of deduction to reduce kitchen thefts in hotels.

1.Set Up Surveillance

Setting up a surveillance system is of a lot of help. Various entry/exit points are well covered by CCTVs and with the adequate lighting. But while placing cameras on the inside, try to be as discreet as possible. This is because too many cameras will make your staff feel as if they are not trusted. Thus creating a negative impact on employee morale. Therefore the first tip to reduce kitchen thefts in hotels is to set up a good surveillance system. It is unarguably one of the best investments.

2. Coordinate with Managers on Daily Basis

Maintain a habit of regularly checking up with supervisors and managers. And update the stock and supplies record. You can also occasionally bring in an external auditor. This auditor will make sure that the inventory is well managed and that the finance ledgers are accurate. Monitoring your inventory, including deliveries made to your restaurant, is also a sure way to control food costs. Consistency in record maintenance is the key to ensure all is well in hotels. Kitchen thefts in hotels can be indeed reduced by coordinating with managers on a daily basis.

3.  Regular Checking

Another safe habit can be inculcated in firm itself. It is the frisking of all employees before and after work. This will ensure that no objectionable object comes in the hotel kitchen neither does anything that should remain in the hotel kitchen leave the place.

4. Sometimes Forgiving is Best Option

Thieves are also humans. More times than not, these are the hotel employees. We have to learn to deal with such cases cautiously. We need to understand that some may have a weakness for taste. This is why, sometimes forgiving is the best one can do. But it is more important that that you don’t foreground the theft problem and create an atmosphere of distrust. Kitchen thefts in hotels have to be solved with utmost sensitivity.

5. Be Involved

Involvement of owners, kitchen supervisors and managers in operations is very vital. It is one of the positive ways to avoid any opportunity of kitchen thefts in hotels. The supervisors’ and managers’ passion towards work and interest boosts morale of employees. And at the same time, these managers can also keep an eye on others. Being a hands on owner and practicing regular communication with managers helps to monitor activities in your hotel’s kitchen.

If your staffs feel valued in their firms then their likeliness to steal also reduces. These little techniques, when implemented right, show great results and minimize the risk of theft and keep your hotel kitchen under your control. works to serve the hospitality by offering a platform where suppliers, hoteliers and job seekers can connect to each other seamlessly. For more information, visit our website