5 Qualities that Define the Fine Dining Concept

The Fine dining concept is something most people are unaware of. This is because, fine dining is an occasional treat for most people. So, what are the qualities that help define the “Fine dining concept”? Keep reading to know!!

  1. 1.Stringent Dress Codes

Almost all of the fine dining restaurants uptown, follow stringent rules and regulations. This applies to both. The staff and customers. Following a proper dress code is mandatory for the staff and decent dressing is expected of the customers. There have been cases where visitors have been politely declined service and asked to visit other restaurants on account of inappropriate dressing or their dressing not matching the restaurant’s code for it. So peeps, Fine clothing is a part of the fine dining concept!!

2.No kids Allowed

Sadly, as adorable as kids may be, they’re not usually the most sophisticated dining companions. In fact, several restaurants find them so disagreeable that they’ve gone so far as to ban children from entering the restaurants. Mike Anderson, a prominent hotelier, told a news reporter: “It’s meant to be a spot for a husband and his wife to come and kind of reconnect in kind of a sexy setting…[without having] to interact with young children.” One of the Atlanta’s most popular hotels, Grant Central Pizza, too, has banned children. kids don’t conform with the fine dining concept. Hence say bye to cranky kids, say Hello to fine dining.

3.Light Music

Music defines the class and the setting of the restaurant. Each piece of background music for a restaurant ought to be chosen with as much care as each ingredient for the day’s specials. They may have equal effects on guests. Some places avoid songs with any lyrics. Some restaurants also make it a point to not give the floor to the same artiste for an entire CD. Jazz or groovy music, it has to be perfectly chosen to fit into the fine dining concept.


4.Target customers are basically rich and high-end people

As they say money makes money. It is easier to compete when the competitors are less. As there are much more casual dining restaurants compared to fine dining restaurants, competition is far fiercer for casual dining restaurants and comparatively lesser for fine dining restaurants. With a single economic slowdown, the casual dining restaurants businesses would suffer just like their “not-so-wealthy” customers who become frugal spenders at such times. Most of the wealthy people don’t as easily get affected by such slow- downs and are still willing to spend for a fine dining experience. So, the fine dining concept is a perennial one!


5.Open for limited time period

Unlike casual dining restaurants, fine dining restaurants are not open for almost all hours of the day. They are open for a very limited time span of the day (mostly evenings) when the probability of their target customer’s arrivals are most likely. And still they make more money than casual dining restaurants do.

So, now you know what qualities make up the fine dining concept. What do you think should be added to the list? Let us, at Forehotels.com know your ideas to elevate the experience of some of the best fine dining restaurants in town and get a chance to intern in the best hospitality businesses out there.