Disadvantages of hotels in tourist places

Disadvantages of hotels in tourist places? Why will there be disadvantages? Especially since in the past couple of decades, the tourism industry has grown to new heights.  And a number of restaurants and hotels in tourist places has also increased many folds. Here are some reasons why having an establishment in a tourist location is a bad idea.

  1. 1.Off seasons are nonprofitable

Most tourist places are hot businesses during a particular time of the year like. For example, Srinagar is very popular during summers. But hardly anyone visits it during monsoons and winters. So, during off seasons, your restaurant/hotel will struggle. This is one of the major disadvantages of hotels in tourist places. The seasonal nature of tourist places.


  1. Finding qualified employees is a challenge

People come to relax and enjoy in tourist places. It is very difficult to find trained employees for you to hire in such settings. You generally have to outsource these employees from other cities. This increases the cost and it takes some time for them to get used to the place. Hence, unavailability of skilled employees is one of the major disadvantages of hotels in tourist places.


  1. Your restaurants has to match the food habits of tourists

Tourists go to a place because it’s different than their own city. And they want to experience a change in their environment. But not so much that they would want to completely change their food habits. For example, all the restaurants in Goa also serve North Indian cuisines. So, your hotel or restaurant will have to serve a variety of cuisines. Here goes another one of the disadvantages of hotels in tourist places. Increase in the effort and cost to meet food habits of tourists.


  1. State policies can affect your business/tourist attraction

Many a times, state policies affect tourism adversely and will obviously have a negative effect on your business. The number of tourists will reduce and your business might even fail due to this. Other political factors like terrorism or riots will degrade the value of the tourist location and thus affect the restaurant. These are serious issues. And there is no easy solution for them. These political issues are unavoidable disadvantages of hotels in tourist places.