How to get the right job in hospitality

The right job in hospitality is entirely different from finding a job in hospitality industry. There are so many job profiles in the hospitality industry. But how do you know which one is just right for you? brings to you key indicators to figure out the right job in hospitality.


right job in hospitality

  1. Find a job where you will grow and excel

Everybody has a talent, ability or a skill. That he can mine to support himself and succeed in life. It is all about exploring your talent and skills. Now, if  you’re good at bartending and you work as a waiter or a gaming dealer at a casino, you will probably not do well. Likewise, identify your aptitude and apply for jobs where your talent will be used. Hence the first key to finding the right job in hospitality is to self analyze.

  1. Sell Yourself

To find the right job in hospitality, you need to project yourself as the person perfect for the job. Life is like a fruit market. “Whoever talks: sells his fruit; whoever talks smartly sells even the hard nut inside the fruit and also the skin outside the fruit”. Especially in the hotel business communication is really all that one ever gets paid for. If you cannot properly communicate, you will have to PAY instead of getting PAID. Therefore being good at managing, saying things which will convince them of how good you can be at the job really helps.

  1. Optimize your resume

This is probably the most crucial step to finding the right job in hospitality. Resume Optimization! Optimization is very much necessary as it’s the first thing any recruiter sees. Your resume reflects your work experience, skills and how you’ll be beneficial for the hotel/restaurant. And try to be more specific. For example, if you are a chef mention about your specialty and your strength of cuisines. Taking help from websites and other people also leads to great results.

  1. Maximize Networking

Like in any other industry, networking helps in hospitality too. Networking helps expand your knowledge, gather and learn from other’s experiences and success stories. It helps in telling others about your skills and building business relations. It  helps to gain customers, referrals, advice, trust, etc. One simple way of doing that in hotel industry is by interacting with with new people and learning from their stories. One can learn about the requirements of the hotel business, or the current trends at other hotels. Other ways could be getting in touch with the experienced chefs or hoteliers through online medium. also brings you an online medium to find your right job in hospitality.

  1. Hiring portals

So many hotels, pubs, clubs and other hospitality entities are increasingly hiring employees through job portals. Job portals are used by almost every recruiter. And  As a candidate it greatly helps in exploring job opportunities all over the world. And receiving regular updates, and gaining a sense of understanding of what the recruiters want. Some job portals even help candidates learn from other candidate’s interview experiences.

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