Classical vs. Contemporary

Operating styles in hospitality

This business is truly a decision that requires a lot of thought. Classical or Contemporary? Which of these operating styles in hospitality should a Hotelier opt for?
Traditional techniques are time-tested and have tangible proven results. However, the spikes in technological growth are making the use of contemporary techniques more imperative.
For example, some people prefer hotels where their check-ins are logged in the actual book or even have an actual key to their room rather than a key card. The pros of classical style are being cost-effective and saving money on installation of electronic systems. It helps generate satisfaction and reputation among customers who wish to get away from gadget infested life. On the other hand, some customers expect to be connected no matter where they are. Thus, amenities like seamless Wi-Fi, smart TVs, online booking facility are required.

Bringing the best of two worlds together

Both operating styles in hospitality have unique features. One stirs nostalgia while the other manages to keep customers connected globally. Both have their own pros and cons. Hence, a unique blend of both can work wonders. The contemporary style accentuates the traditional experience.

Pick and choose as per your needs

You don’t really need to go all out while choosing among operating styles in hospitality. It is all about creating a balance between the classical and the contemporary. It is a wise decision to handpick facilities from both sides. This is the best way to represent your hotel to your customers.

Modern upgrades that old-school hotels can benefit from

Smart cards

These palm-sized cards are slowly taking over the era of the metal key. And there is a reason for it becoming so popular so quickly. These cards have a versatile use. They are becoming far more than just keys to your room. It can also be used as a means of making payments or keeping track of expenses that can be cleared during checkout. Smart cards are a smart addition to your operating style in the hospitality sector.

Technology friendly rooms

Features like Wi-Fi, smart TVs and stereos are becoming important additions to hotel rooms. There was a time when people used to get away from electronic gadgets in their vacation. But the modern generation prefers being connected all the time.

Online booking service

It is the nature of hospitality sector to keep looking for new clients. It is the means to survive. This is because maintaining relation with a set of customers and relying on only repeat visits is impractical. So, most hotels target getting newer customers by letting them have online booking service. Which could be either hosted by the hotel website itself or by advertising through websites like OYO rooms, Trivago, Yatra, and others. These websites generate a lot of traffic and ultimately boost your annual revenue earned. Online booking services is a wise addition to your operating styles in the hospitality business.

Cloud-based property management system

Property Management System (PMS) is a smart system that integrates many of the above- mentioned services into a “Web of Things”. i.e. cloud-connected information sharing setups.  These are accessed by different staff members. Alternatively, it can also be used for internal communication with customers, coordinating housekeeping services and even analyzing customer data for improvements.

How necessary is it to change?

As much as people argue over the cost of such system, it is a one-time investment that will generate better revenue. These services ensure the fewer rooms are vacant or not booked. The extra earnings can be reinvested to improve service or decor to groom the overall feel of the hotel. All in all, it is wise to integrate modern systems that complement the character of your hotel.
So, keep updating your operating styles in the hospitality business for more and merry customers!